Client Profile

Medical Organization Type: Healthcare Administration


A local healthcare organization company acquired several outpatient clinics from another larger healthcare provider, and the client's operations had to adjust to its newly inherited claims workload. In order to manage the new load, the client needed to hire a team of 15 experienced claims processors and data entry clerks in a very short amount of time who understood the sensitivity of patient confidentiality. The client's human resources department was not equipped to respond quickly to this high-volume situation, so they enlisted the help of the expert recruiting consultants at Medical Office Staffing. 


Because Medical Office Staffing has proven expertise in the healthcare industry, they were already accustomed to responding to time-sensitive client needs. A team of three medical staffing consultants worked long hours, tapping into their extensive database of qualified candidates that included both those who were actively looking for new opportunities and those who were inactive. A significant amount of time was spent recruiting, interviewing and credentialing the large number of candidates who were needed for the job.


The medical staffing consultants were able to provide the large team of claims processors and data entry clerks, enabling the client to handle its workload efficiently and keep revenue flowing, easing the transition of the acquisition.