Our Axios Professional Recruitment team is devoted to connecting you with top regional talent. In the same way you invest time and energy into your company, we do the same to select the perfect candidate for your employment needs. Collaborating with us ensures you will create the workforce you desire—one that is cost-effective and rooted in success.

What We Do

Part-Time & Full-Time

Whether you desire to fill part-time or full-time positions, we will bring you candidates to strengthen your business and serve every level of productivity.

Contract To Hire

For added flexibility, we provide a contract-to-hire strategy. This is an optimal way to test a candidate’s qualifications, prior to extending a permanent offer.

Direct Hire

Recruiting the right employee for a direct hire position takes time. Let us lift the burden and find the best talent—quickly and efficiently.

I have worked with Axios Professional Recruitment for years, knowing they are simply the best local employment agency. Not only are they helpful in finding jobs, but they treat their field employees with an enormous amount of respect.


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